Book reports story elements

On a foggy fall day, I took my ninth graders outside to sit on the porch while I read "The Tell-Tale Heart," tapping heartbeats on the deck and playing off the ominous weather. This journal asks all the important questions needed in order to break down a story: title, setting, characters, characterization, point of view, mood, plot, conflict, climax, and resolution. Specifications: First, this is a great way to log and keep for your students files the books they read per grade for student files.
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Write a great bio

For some reason, I find writing my writer’s bio a most daunting task, even now that I have actual experience to point to. I was one little writer-fish in an ocean of writing-sharks. Advertising is great for attracting business, but the place to make a personal connection to your customers is in your biography.
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Pleasantville theme essays

Sometimes a movie comes along that perfectly captures the zeitgeist — that practiy cans it and pickles it — and you know you are looking at something with legs. The movie’s appealing premise is that two kids from the rad nineties — brother and sister — are magiy projected into the black-and-white world of a fifties sitcom ed “Pleasantville,” where they are cast as Bud and Mary Sue. The movie is about two teenagers who magiy gets drawn into the 1950s fictional, black-and-white television sitcom, Pleasantville.
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Mary leapor an essay

Central to her work is the challenge of combining writing with her daily labours and her literary ambitions with society's expectations of someone from her class. The reexamination of the canon of ehteenth-century verse has shed new lht on many neglected poets, chiefly women and laborers, but none has attracted so much attention as Mary Leapor, who died in 1746 at the age of twenty-four, never having seen a poem of hers in print.
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