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How to write alt text

Add Alt Text to Images KB Article I’ve written about accessibility on the web before, but, somehow, I have yet to talk about alternative (or “alt”) text. Add <em>Alt</em> <em>Text</em> to Images KB Article
Context is the most important thing to consider when you write alt text for an image. How does the image relate to the content around it?

WebAIM Alternative Text Use Alt text for all images inserted into a KB article. WebAIM Alternative <i>Text</i>
To best present these principles of alternative text, most images within this article have been given alternative text of "example image". However.

A Super Simple Way to Make Images Accessible Alt Text versus. Alt text is the alternative text used by text browsers and other Web user agents that can't view images. A Super Simple Way to Make Images Accessible <em>Alt</em> <em>Text</em> versus.
Be sure to add an alternative text for every image. When writing alt text, consider what you would say about the image if you were reading aloud.

It's ALT Good Alternative Text & Accessibility Blog MRW Web. Alt text, or alternative text, is a short description of an image in your campan that displays when subscribers are unable to access your images. It's <em>ALT</em> Good Alternative <em>Text</em> & Accessibility Blog MRW Web.
Though it's easy to add alt text, it is deceptively challenging to write. I won't cover every permutation of alt text, but I'll give a few examples.

Five golden rules for compliant alt text AbilityNet Alt text represents an image in any situation where it can’t be seen or displayed. Five golden rules for compliant <i>alt</i> <i>text</i> AbilityNet
What text you should use for the alt attribute depends on the type of image and is explained below, but you always include either alt="" empty.

How to write alt text:

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