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The Believer - Interview with William H. Gass D., would go on to write over a dozen books composed of sentences the details of which work both symboliy and literally, sentences whose sound and syntax and structure lift worlds from the page. A half century ago, William H. Gass completed his doctoral dissertation in. Gass is perhaps best known for his erudite and lively books of essays, which include On Being Blue A Philosophical Inquiry 1976, Habitations of the Word 1985.

Habitations of the Word, William H. Gass - JStor He’s bent and invented more words in English than any wordsmith I can think of. In his most recent collection of essays, Habitations of the Word, William H. Gass confirms his position as the foremost living American proponent of "art for art's.

Gutenberg's Triumph An Essay in Defense of the Book As the years passed, Gardner went on to Gass one of his all-time favorites (as did Donald Barthelme and many others), but wished there were more morality pulsing through the veins of his novels and stories. Thank God that morality for Gass is the ugly truth laid bare, grotesqueries and all, and that simple punishments, happy endings, and “lessons learned” are not suitable for the b reality of his fiction. Gutenberg's Triumph An Essay in Defense of the Book. by William H. Gass. Here were more than turns of phrase that could brhten an otherwise gloomy.

Time, Gass, and the Essay - University of Michan AKA William Howard Gass Born: 30-Jul-1924Birthplace: Fargo, NDGender: Male Race or Ethnicity: White Sexual orientation: Straht Occupation: Novelist, Essayist Nationality: United States Executive summary: The Tunnel Military service: US Navy (1943-46, Ens.)Wife: Mary Pat O'Kelly (m. Once upon a time, William H. Gass—now near 80, his arms heavy with. York Review of Books and were republished in The World Within the Word in 1971.

Worlds Within Words Review of William H. Gass's Eyes --- Frank. Gass’s relationship to language is at once baroque, modernist, and extremely post-post-everything. Dec 4, 2015. William H. Gass / Michael Lionstar New York Times. In one of many essays about Stein, a writer who became his literary role model and.

Learning from a Modern Master by William H. Gass The New York. I was the damp fuse one lhts and then impatiently waits for. The following semester I attended Abrams’s seminar on Coleridge. Jun 20, 2013. William H. Gass. The Fourth Dimension of a Poem and Other Essays. The gyres—Yeats's word for spirals—do not blunder into the poem.

William H. Gass Some collections at this site are restricted to use by authorized users only (i.e., University faculty, staff, students, etc... Authorized users should log in for complete access. Gass has received the National Book Critics Circle Award for Criticism three times, for "Habitations of the Word. William GassWilliam H. Gass William.

The World Within the Word - The New York Times What he has to say about humanity is communicated not by plot but through the radical vitality and violent inventiveness of his language. Jul 9, 1978. By William H. Gass. W illiam H. Gass's first collection of literary and philosophical essays, "Fiction and the Fures of Life". The new collection of essays, "The World Within the Word," is another cry from the same source, as if. He is the author of four novels (including ), the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters Award for Fiction (1975), and in 2000 the PEN/Nabokov award and the PEN/Nabokov Lifetime Achievement award. De 51249 Paulo 4872 do 40473 Brasil 38135 da 37863 Da 34422 US$ 2857 Local 19724 Reportagem 1770 Carlos 15055 José 14513 FHC.

William H. Gass, post-post-everything author - With a literary career spanning more than half a century, William H. Apr 14, 2013. William H. Gass, post-post-everything author. Heart of the Country and Other Stories,” William Gass writes about searching for the better word.

Gass, William H. united architects - essays However, after the first humbling year among the mathematiy minded, I needed some relief. Their bursts of stardom lit the intellectual landscape. “In the truly great poets …there is a reason assnable, not only for every word, but for the position of every word.” To meet the Principle of Sufficient Reason on my first day! In the preface to his first collection of essays, Fiction and the Fures of Life 1970, he. Saltzman, Arthur M. The Fiction of William H. Gass The.

William H. Gass on Writing With Lists - Excerpts from "AND" by. Rarely had prose that so shimmered and soared been, at heart, so heavy with ideas. In his remarkable essay on the conjunction "AND" "Habitations of the Word," 1985, author William H. Gass describes the list as "one of the essential elements of.

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