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The Power of Quantum Systems on a Line SpringerLink We analyze the error of the protocol with the number of particles N in the spin coherent state under decoherence and find that it scales favorably with N. The Power of Quantum Systems on a Line SpringerLink
Our construction implies assuming the quantum Church-Turing thesis and that quantum computers cannot efficiently solve QMA-complete problems that there.

About My Quantum Thoughts (for a full list see Curriculum Vitae) Links: NSF Center for Chemical Innovation - quantum information for quantum chemistry. About My Quantum Thoughts
Aharon Brodutch, Daniel Nagaj, Or Sattath, Dominique Unruh Contributed talk in QCrypt 2014. In Quantum Information and Computation. An Almost Sudden.

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Publications - Mouktik Raha Thesis In the scheme an unknown spin coherent state lying on the equator of the Bloch sphere, such as realized in a coherent two-component Bose–Einstein condensate, is teleported onto a distant spin coherent state using only elementary operations and measurements. Publications - Mouktik Raha <u>Thesis</u>
Andrew M. Childs, David Gosset, Daniel Nagaj, Mouktik Raha, Zak Webb. Thesis. Effects of electronic correlation on topological superconductivity.

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